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For years beyond memory, the Carlonian Empire ruled the civilized world, with colonies as far flung as Luxfall in the north and ____(need name of gnoll homeland…) in the south. With the destruction of the city of Carlonia in (need a functioning calendar system as well), however, the Empire’s power was clearly broken and the rolling crises of the (somethingth) century came to a head.

Now, no part of the former Empire has been spared devastation. Aeolia, the “second heartland” of Carlonia, lies blighted and dead. The Lytian Confederation and the Faemarks struggle to fend off Mithran raiders, for all that the wolf-riders spend half of their energy fighting each other. The Emerald Hills, until recently a bulwark of peace amidst ruin, have been brought low by giants marauding down from the mountains, and Luxfall, which was once similarly fortunate, now breaks under an internecine civil war. (Add a few more areas as I fill in the map)

And at the center of it all, the city of Carlonia lies under the poisonous mist that the Forge spews forth, the same mountain which once fueled the imperial war machine now ensuring that no creature can look upon the city of Carlonia and live to tell the tale.

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The Chthonic Magistrate


The Emerald Hills

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